CIVIL WAR DAYS Strathearn Historical Park
Strathearn Historical Park Rules and Policies for the Civil War Days:
1. We are a historical park with original buildings, grounds and artifacts. Please respect our park as it cannot be replaced. 2. TENT STAKES: Drive tent stakes only in designated areas. 3. WATER: Drinking water available near the Visitor Center, the garden of the Strathearn house, and the Barn where the dancing will take place. 4. FIRES: Above-ground only. Firewood will be available. 5. ASHES: Dispose of in the designated trash can in front of the Pitting Shed. Do not use drains. 6. PARKING: DO NOT PARK IN VISITORS PARKING LOT, which is reserved for the public! For set-up, drive vehicles in the back gate and out again when finished unloading.
Overnight parking is on the street and the business right next to the park.
DO NOT park across the street near Target, they tow away. 7. RESTROOMS: Available at night and lights will be left on. 8. NIGHT LIGHTS: Some lights to stay on; let us know if they are hindering your sleep! 9. PAPER CARTRIDGES: Please police the area after demonstrations. 10. EARLY/LATE ARRIVAL: Park will be open on Friday to set up. Vehicles out by 9 AM on day of event. If you arrive at night, call from the gate for the Provost who will let you in. 11. EMERGENCIES: Gate will be locked at night for your security. If you need to get in or out, see the Provost. In case of dire emergency call 911. In addition alert caretakeers at (805)750-0421 (Ken) or (805)390-1687 (Ruby). 12. FAMILY & FRIENDS: Must pay normal entrance fee unless in costume and participating in the event. 13. SUNDAY NIGHT: Please tear down promptly on Sunday. Certain sutlers may stay over but must be out by noon Monday. 14. BARN DANCE: A tradition here, the Saturday barn dance with live music is open to participants; entrance is included in your registration fee. 15. REGISTRATION: The General Release of Liability and Agreement Not to Sue must be signed by all participants. It also helps us contact you for next year!

Civil War Days

At Strathearn Historical Park

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